FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2017

I’m as old as the vehicle pictured above.

Indeed, as of yesterday, I am now 60. I am now emphatically, incontrovertibly, O-L-D.

Old enough to remember the Seattle World’s Fair. Old enough to remember the breakthroughs of the civil-rights, women’s-liberation, and GLBT-pride movements. Old enough to remember when computers took up whole rooms; when TVs received five or six channels in lo-res black and white; when certain words and body parts were forbidden in all public media.

And today, in one of life’s cruel coincidences, I must follow my birthday yesterday with the fifth anniversary of my mother’s death.

As Peter Bagge once said: Fun flies when you’re having time.


Clouds and off-and-on showers all weekend.



A long-lost 1941 mural by legendary Northwest artist William Cumming is now available to view at a local gallery, but only for one more week. (SeaTimes)



Boeing’s giving at least passing interest to the idea of pilotless passenger planes. (Make your own reference to “Otto Pilot” in the film “Airplane!” now.) (GeekWire)


While we weren’t looking, the Whatcom County Council voted 6-1 on “sweeping new protections” for Cherry Point, which may prevent any new fossil-fuel export terminals there. (Stand.Earth)

Radiation alarms sounded at a Hanford demolition site. A “take cover” order was issued, then lifted four hours later. (AP)

A Skagit County jury convicted an Oregon climate activist of “second degree burglary,” after he turned off the valve on an oil pipeline. (EarthFix via KUOW)

A documentary short made by Ballard High School students, about the Elwha River dam removals, is now streaming on IMAX’s website. (MyBallard)


We’re three weeks away from a partial state government shutdown, unless the Legislature finally passes a budget. (Crosscut)


Would-be Sodo arena builder Chris Hansen believes Wednesday’s selection of a KeyArena rebuild plan doesn’t eliminate his own plan, at least not yet. As one of Hansen’s associates said, “It’s just the second inning.” (Art Thiel) (KCPQ) (KUOW)


A WSDOT official said the SR99 tunnel will open in January ’19, three weeks after the Viaduct’s final closure. (West Seattle Blog)


A candidate for the Port of Tacoma commission withdrew, after blogger R.R. Anderson revealed the candidate’s history of racist, Islamophobic, and anti-poor-people Tweets®. (Charles Mudede)

As previously announced, an “anti-Sharia law” protest, scheduled for Portland before the light-rail killings, will instead take place tomorrow at Westlake Park. (They've already announced they'll have "security" guys with weapons.) A pro-Muslim counter-rally has been quickly scheduled at the same site. (KING) (Slog) (Weekly)


Vancouver’s considering a London-inspired plan to “charge drivers to use roads.” (Global TV)

Refugees from Syria, Iraq, and other countries are sneaking into Canada from Blaine, then applying for asylum. If Canadian authorities deny their requests, they could get deported back to their troubled homelands. (SeaTimes)


The median sale price of a home in Seattle climbed 22 percent—from January to May. (PI.com)

Newly-released stats show (and don’t show) a lot about displacement of non-wealthy folk in Seattle. So what is to be done, if the HALA “Grand Bargain” won’t fully solve the crisis? (Sightline) (Crosscut)

Tacoma’s “state of emergency” response to homelessness is mostly focused on public health issues with encampments, rather than with the lack of housing per se. (Crosscut) (KIRO-TV)


There’s a camp out along the Snoqualmie River, where adults experience “Internet withdrawal,” until they “learn to feel bored again and their creative minds begin to reawaken.” (KNKX)


Nobody wants to sell health insurance to individuals in Grays Harbor and Klickitat counties. Think of it as what might happen to all of us if the ACA’s scrapped. (AP)


The Nordstrom family might take the company “private,” buying out outside shareholders and releasing the retailer from Wall St. demands for excessive profits. (KING)


We now know a little more about what products will fall under the city’s new sugary-drinks tax, and what won’t. (Slog)

There’s a new crowdfunding campaign on behalf of Belltown’s soon-to-be-evicted Black Dog Forge. The first such campaign, as you recall, tried to raise $4 million to buy the building. This one’s after a more modest $15,000 to help the business relocate.


The Storm’s at Indiana tonight and New York Sunday.

The Mariners lost their first game all week, 2-1 vs. Minnesota. The Ms start a weekend home series vs. the Toronto Blue Jays tonight. (Yep, that’s why you’re seeing all those Canadian tourists in town today.)

The Seahawks declined to sign Colin Kaepernick “because of his politics,” claims Daudi Abe at Slog. Tricia Romano disagrees.


NW New Works Festival. (On the Boards, Fri-Sun)

Seattle International Dance Festival. (Various spots, Fri thru June 25)

“Turn It Down!,” “silent disco festival.” (Various spots, Fri-Sun)

Flamenco de Raiz. (Triple Door, Fri-Sat)

Black Arts Fest. (Seattle Center, Fri-Sun)

NW Pinball and Arcade Show. (Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center, Fri-Sun)


Puddles Pity Party. (Showbox, Fri)

Death Cab for Cutie, Decemberists, Sera Cahoone (ACLU benefit). (Paramount, Fri)

Roarke Menzies, Samson Stilwell, Norm Chambers. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri)

“WAVES 3.0: Synchromatic,” “immersive arts experience. (Fred Wildlife Refuge, Fri)

Metal Men (Eric Muhs, John Hawkley), Guardian Alien. (Parliament, Fri)

Black Arts Fest. (Westlake Park, Fri)

Pride launch party with mayor candidate Nikkita Oliver. (Re-bar, Fri)

Damien Escobar. (Neptune, Fri)

Moonspinners. (Blarney Stone, Fri)

Supersuckers, Zeke, Piston Ready. (Tractor, Fri)

My Goodness, Smokey Brights, Year of Death. (Crocodile, Fri)

“Rough Ground,” “community workshop to performance experience” with poet Sha’lfa Mami Watu. (Washington Hall, Fri)

Mos Generator, Year of the Cobra, Stereo Creeps. (Substation, Fri)

“Chimerica,” play by Christopher Bailey. (The Conservatory, Fri)

“Extraordinary Adventures” novelist Daniel Wallace. (U Book Store, Fri)

“Standard Deviation” novelist Katherine Heiny. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Fri)

“The Business of Comics” panel. (Outsider Comics, Fri)

Adriana Giordano, Marco de Carvalho. (Bell Street Park, Fri)

Def Leppard, Poison, XXX, Tesla. (White River Ampitheatre, Fri)


Moody Blues. (Chateau Ste. Michelle, Sat-Sun)

Capitol Hill Pride Festival. (Broadway, Sat-Sun)

PhotoFest. (Glazer’s Camera, Sat-Sun)


Georgetown Carnival. (Airport Way S. and environs, Sat)

Georgetown Art Attack (Sat); including Ellen Xu: “make boring” (Interstitial), Jason T. Miles: “Lightning Snake” (Fantagraphics Bookstore).

Capitol Hill Pride Festival. (Volunteer Park, Sat)

“Seattle Stands with Our Muslim Neighbors” rally. (Westlake Park, Sat)

“Black Girl Magick” festival/bazaar. (916 NE 65th St., Sat)

Inverted Space Ensemble presents music by Elliott Carter and John Zorn. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat)

Bacon Strip drag revue. (Theatre Off Jackson, Sat)

Pickwick, Cataldo. (Neumos, Sat)

Hot Lava, Mercury Four. (Hale’s Ales, Sat)

Daniel Lanois, Rocco Deluca, Don McGreevy. (Crocodile, Sat)

Future, Migos, A$AP Ferg, more. (White River Ampitheatre, Sat)

Long Shot photo contest. (Photo Center NW, Sat)

“On the Record,” group art exhibit based on classic LP covers. (KEXP, Sat)

Living Voices performance series presents “The New American.” (MOHAI, Sat)

Opening of “ALIVE: Flora, Light, and Water in the Seattle Landscape.” (Frye Art Museum, Sat)

Less Than Equals, Swedish Finnish. (Parliament, Sat)

Memoirist Margaret Combs. (U Book Store, Sat)

Bruce Cockburn tribute. (Egan’s, Sat)

Orphan Radio launch party with Local Artist, FKL, OC Notes, T.Wan, CCL. (Lovecitylove, Sat)

Readings by Leanne Dunic, Anca Szilagui, Bernard Grant. (Chin Music Press, Sat)

Denny Blaine, Moberlys, Shagnasty, more (Mary’s Place benefit). (Slim’s Last Chance, Sat)

Dandy Warhols, Brandon Lentz, Echo Texture, more. (Showbox, Sat)

True Loves, DLO3. (Tractor, Sat)

“RISK!” podcast taping with Kevin Allison. (Vera Project, Sat)


Equality March for Pride and Unity. (Cal Anderson Park, Sun)

SIFF closing-night gala with “The Young Karl Marx.” (Cinerama, Sun)

Horace Silver Combo, Down North (homessness-services benefit). (Vera Project, Sun)

Columbia City Beatwalk. (Various spots, Sun)

Lizz Wright. (Triple Door, Sun)

Jah9, Mellow Mood, Paulo Baldini DubFiles. (Nectar, Sun)

“Sunday Night Shuga Shaq” burlesque revue. (Theatre off Jackson, Sun)

“Freak-A-Zoid: Vintage Media Market.” (El Corazon, Sun)

Ukadelics. (Hula Hula, Sun)


Thanks to all who attended our big b-day shebang at the Two Bells last night, and to all who didn’t attend but sent their well wishes.

We should have another “Loser” book party some time this summer, just for the heckuvit. Watch this space.


(Oscar Wilde):

“One should sympathise with the colour, the beauty, the joy of life. The less said about life's sores the better.”


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